Bluenoise Plugins is a very small company and we cannot provide telephone support to all our customers. We do however have a pretty good forum where we try to answer any questions that might come up.

Try before buy

We recommend that you try the demo of the plugin you are interested in before purchasing. This is because we want you to be certain that this software is perfect for you and that it is working as it should in your DAW.

Important note

We do not offer returns or refunds on software purchases. We also cannot guarantee that our products will be updated in the future. We aim to fix every bug that we (or you) might find, but since we use Synthedit to create our plugins we have to report these plugins to them and wait for a solution. That said, it is very unlikely that you will find any particular bugs since the plugins are thoroughly testet before any release.


Bluenoise Plugins uses Shareit as an ecommerce provider for global software sales. All issues regaring missing serial numbers, nontransfered registration codes/download links, VISA, PAYPAL etc must be sent to Use this code when discussing the payment program: 200138241
The support at Shareit will then immediatley understand that it has to do with Bluenoise Pluging and can therefore provide a better help.

Multi-core processors

All our commercial and all free Drummix are developed with multicore processor support.


All our plugins should be installed in the VSTplugin directory to work. To find out where your DAW has its directory, please check the DAW’s user manual. Usually this directory is located here: c:/Program Files/Steinberg/VSTplugins.
On some of our plugins additional folders may be created containing different semp/sem files. Do not move these files, since they are necessary for the plugin to work.

Can’t find module

If you get “Can’t find module” errors when you load a plugin in your host, it is a sign of a problem with the Windows folder permissions for your VST directory. All SynthEdit plugins need to auto-extract some module files to your hard drive, but unless the Windows folder permissions for your VST directory are set to allow write access, then this may happen. Usually XP allows write by default, but Vista and Windows 7 don’t. You should be able to solve this by changing the permissions to allow write access, or having Administrator access levels.

You can check that the modules have been extracted by looking in the VST directory where you saved the .dll file. Wherever you saved the pluginname.dll there is a folder called pluginname too and in that folder there should be a bunch of .sep /.sem files.

If the files are not there, you should change the folder permissions and then reload the plugin in your host.

Sell/Transfere licenses

If you want to sell or transfer your licenses to another person, please contact us via email beforehand, stating which plugins you wish to transfer

We will then confirm with you the transfer process, including how the buyer should process the license so that we can issue links to their account with the latest version(s).

There is a fee of 10 dollars for each plugin you want to transfer, we need to see some proof of trading and all files must be removed from your machine.

Anti-virus trojan alerts

Some free Anti virus programs are reporting trojans and malware in error with CK modules within our plugins. Kapersky, Avira AntiVir and Avast! are showing false positives with CK modules ( CK_Warp.sep, CK_Host_BPM.sep, CK_polyphony_control.sep, etc) which are used in some of our SynthEdit plugins. False Positive means they report a trojan or virus when there isn’t one.

The issue has been reported by other vendors of these modules.

If you encounter an alert from your AV software, you should report the false positive to the AV company and they will confirm it for you. – choose false alarm from list – choose suspected false positive – send file in a password protected zip

There are no viruses in Bluenoise Plugins coming from ours site.

Contact information

If you have any questions not answered here we urge you to use the forum but you can also try this email address:






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