The Upright

The Upright

The Upright is a great sounding upright piano recorded in a professional studio. The piano recorded is a Hellas. It’s not the most expensive thing made but this particular piano has already been used for several major artist because of its great sound.

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The interface has a smooth look and you can control several aspects like; the different microphone outputs, a cutoff filter, chorus, leslie, reverb, delay, ADSR and main output.


The piano was recorded with 4 microphones (2 sets consisting of Neumann KM184 and AKG C414 B-XLS) and those microphones are merged into 2 outputs (left and right). The microphones were sent into a Universal Audio 4010 micpres, then through pristine RME converters into Nuendo. The samples are raw 24 bit, 44.1 kHz wavefiles and setup on 4 different velocity layers. Nothing has been done to alter the sound and the piano can go from sweet sounding to lo-fi.


The sound from the microphones has the possibility to go through several different processes like a cutoff filter with resonance, a built in leslie with different speeds, a soft chorus,  a great sounding reverb for more room and a delay to create that John Lennon sound we love.


The Upright is built to be very easy to use. The workflow is logical and though it has many advanced features we believe that the user will quickly become familiar with the different possibilities within the plugin. It comes with 10 presets included from the classic upright sound to really old Lennon sounding stuff like Imagine. We give you a great starting point and you should easily find the sound you are looking for.


The Upright has already been used on loads of commercial tracks. Check out the middle-8 on this track and you can hear how it fits the song perfectly.

MIDI Learn

All Bluenoise Plugins have the MIDI learn feature which makes it super easy to use an external controller to control the plugins. You just right-clik, hit MIDI learn and tweak the controller you want assigned to the knob. Voila!


We don’t think you can find a piano plugin that sounds better than this for 50 dollars! Please check out our demo and all the other similar plugins out there to decide for yourself.


The size of the piano is 1 GB and you need a decent internet connection to download it.


The demo is an excellent way to test the plugin. It features only two octaves but you get a good feeling of what the plugin can do.


We believe that watermarking is the best way to protect plugins in the future.





Get The Upright

As with all our plugins we recommend that you try the demo first. The demo has only two octaves available.

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User service

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System requirements


  • Windows (XP, x64, Vista, Windows 7)
  • DAW Hosts: Any host supporting VST plugins
  • At least 1GB of free harddisk space



[testimonial company=”Bluenoise Plugins” author=”Bjarte Ludvigsen” image=””]
I’ve already used this plugin in several mixes for major artists!