Mountain Echo


Mountain Echo is a plugin modelled to sound like the sweet sounding vintage tape echo from the sixties.


Vintage Tone

By adding a lowpass and a highpass to the chain you can easily emulate the sound of an old echo machine.


Designed for Musicians

The plugin is very easy to use and there are few ways to go wrong. The only thing to remember is to set it up as a send effect since it has no wet/dry function.



Award winner

The plugin has been picked to be one of the 100 best sounding free plugins by Computer Music and Sound on Sound use it regulary on their mix rescues.


Mountain Echo is totally free and can be used on any commercial and non commercial production.


Input = Set the inputgain.

Tempo = Sets the tempo of the echo.

Feedback = Sets the feedback length.

Lowpass = Adds lowpass filtering to the signal.

Highpass = Adds highpass filtering to the signal.

Volume = Sets the output level.


Installation: Just put the mountainecho.dll file in your vstplugin directory





Get Mountain Echo

Click the button to download Mountain Echo.

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User service

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System requirements


  • Windows (XP, x64, Vista, Windows 7)
  • Any host supporting VST plugins




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Mountain Echo enables you to recreate the warm and distinctive tape delay sounds found in classic dub tracks.