Long time no news?

25 Oct , 2013 News

Hi everybody. Yes, it’s been very long since my last post and that is because life has been superhectic. I’ve been producing bands, composing songs and working more than ever with my production team; The Tune Park. There’s also a new person in my life. I just became a dad again to a beautiful little […]


30 Dec , 2012 News

Hi people Great news. Today I’ve finished compiling Drummix Rock 1 and sent it to Shareit!!!!!!!! This means it will be available for purchase within the week:-) As with Metal 1, it will be available for only 30 dollars as an introduction price. Soon now….

Long holiday!

5 Aug , 2012 Uncategorized

Hi guys It’s been a while since I’ve worked on my plugins and it has several reasons. First I’ve been seriously busy with producing artists lately and when I have the chance I have to follow that road as I love it so much! Secondly I’ve been working on an app for Iphone here in […]

The Upright

11 Sep , 2011 News,Plugins

I sometimes get bored by working on the ever lasting Drummix bundle and then I tweak on new plugins. This time I have worked on an old recording I did a year ago and that ended up in a great sounding plugin called The Upright. The plugin will be released in the near future. Check […]

I found this by Googling!

19 Aug , 2011 News

I just put the “Ludwig” VST in Cubase, cranked up the volume and hit the keys……….I nearly fell of my chair! THERE’S A REAL DRUMMER IN MY COMPUTER!!!!!! Stunning….astounding….unbelievable….I’ve just heard what I never thought I would. I’m no expert, but I don’t think anyone would need better quality than this.   Nice to hear […]

Crashes due to download overload.

4 Aug , 2011 News

Hi people. An enormous amount of people has been downloading the demo version at the same time and that has for some caused bad downloads and the plugin failing to work properly. Downloading again has resolved all these issues and no bugs have been reported in any DAW. This is also thanks to the great […]


4 Aug , 2011 News

If anyone one wants Spotify I have a few invitations. Write your email here at the comments and I will send to the first who checks in.  They are starting to ship it in US now and I would grab it if I were you.  

Some of the comments from buyers are popping in!

3 Aug , 2011 News

“This is the best tape echo plugin I have ever used!” “This is like the mothership of tape echoes” “I’m really satisfied. It’s like many plugins in one” Thanks for all the nice words and good luck to everybody who has purchased so far!  

60 percent off on Bandecho today!

2 Aug , 2011 News

Yes you heard right. For 24 hours the plugin will only cost 40 dollars! The rest of the month it will be 50 percent off as a introduction offer. Grab it now!