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Bandecho is a plugin modelled after vintage tape echoes like Roland Space Echo and Watkins Copicat, but with several extra features making it one of the best sounding echo machines available.



Drummix is a collection of acoustic drum plugins recorded at a professional recording studio with pristine equipment. The plugins comes in both a stereo and multiple output versions. The user has the possibilites to mix each recorded microphone like a real drum kit. Direct link to the plugins Name and concept Drummix are several drum […]

The Upright

The Upright

The Upright is a great sounding upright piano recorded in a professional studio. The piano recorded is a Hellas. It’s not the most expensive thing made but this particular piano has already been used for several major artist because of its great sound. Interface The interface has a smooth look and you can control several […]


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Long time no news?

25 Oct , 2013   News

Hi everybody. Yes, it’s been very long since my last post and that is because life has been superhectic. I’ve been producing bands, composing songs and working more than ever with my production team; The Tune Park. There’s also a new person in my life. I just became a dad again to a beautiful little […]


30 Dec , 2012   News

Hi people Great news. Today I’ve finished compiling Drummix Rock 1 and sent it to Shareit!!!!!!!! This means it will be available for purchase within the week:-) As with Metal 1, it will be available for only 30 dollars as an introduction price. Soon now….

Long holiday!

5 Aug , 2012   Uncategorized

Hi guys It’s been a while since I’ve worked on my plugins and it has several reasons. First I’ve been seriously busy with producing artists lately and when I have the chance I have to follow that road as I love it so much! Secondly I’ve been working on an app for Iphone here in […]